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Prevent Colic for Your Horse

Prevent Colic for your horse, this video demonstrates why a good ground level horse feeder is necessary in all parts of the country.  Take care to properly feed your horse from a professional feeder made for horses in order to prevent colic, injury and even death.

This video is of a necropsy of a horse that was euthanized due to severe sand colic. This condition CAN BE helped with surgery…. IF it is addressed immediately….preliminary signs of possible sand in the intestines/stomach…loose stools, weight loss, repeated bouts of colic….kinda sounds like parasites or EGUS doesn’t it?….but it wasn’t….once again, I hope this may make you think outside the box, next time you have a horse that may have similar recurring signs….it just might not hurt to do a “glove test”….just saying…have a greatly successful week!! Dr.T

At Pro Panel 3-in-1 Horse feeders, we understand the natural grazing patterns of horses.  Consider a Pro Panel horse feeder for your horse.


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